Maitland Holiday House
Maitland Holiday House
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Mary and I have a holiday home on the Yorke Peninsula South Aust. I bought this house about 18 months ago. It was in dire need of some love so I decided I could give it just that. The first thing I needed to do was remove a sun room thingy from under the front veranda as dry root had set in leaving the veranda vulnerable of collapse. To do this I removed enough of the sun room thingy to allow room to get a steel corner post in. Once this was in place I then made a mold out of fibre glass off of one of the other existing posts, then put the mold in place around the steel post and poured concrete into it. voila all done Next job was to extend the shed so I could get my boat in it. Pics explain that I think. Then I had to start fixing the house inside for the missus, The ceilings were falling down and all the joists had sagged in one room. Oh I would never recommend knocking out lath ceiling, what a job, bloody awful. Got them finished and painted and added ceiling polyester insulation . The front doors looked pretty awful so I replaced that with a salvaged old screen and solid door, removed the glass from around the surround and made leadlight for there. Painted and patched the walls pulled the carpets up and got the floors sanded and sealed
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