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Australian Pages



amber fluid - beer
arvo - afternoon
back of Bourke - back of beyond
barbie - barbecue
beaut, beauty, bewdie - great, fantastic
billabong -water hole in dried up river bed

billy - tin container used to boil up tea in the bush
bitumen - sealed road
black stump - where the 'back of Bourke' begins
blowies - blow flies
blue (to have a) - to have an argument
bottle shop - liquor shop
bull dust - fine dust on outback roads, also bull shit
bunyip mythical bush animal - Australia's yeti or Loch Ness monster
bush - country, anywhere away from the city
bush (go) - go back to the land
BYO - Bring Your Own (booze) to a restaurant
cobber - mate
cooee - bush call, signal
come good - turn out all right
crook (to be) - to be ill
damper - bush loaf made from flour and water
deli - general store, corner store
didgeridoo - long, tube-like aboriginal musical instrument which emits a low note
dill idiot (friendly term)
dingo - native Australian wild dog
dinkum, fair dinkum - honest, genuine, really
dinky-di - the real thing
dunny - outside lavatory
fair go! - give us a break
fossicking - hunting for gems (opals) or semi- precious stones

give it away - give up
G'day - good day, traditional Australian greeting
good on yer - well done
joey - baby kangaroo
lamington - square cake covered in chocolate icing & coconut
larrikin - rogue, rascal, rebel
mate - good friend
milkbar - corner shop
mozzies - mosquitoes
no worries - shell he right
ocker - basic, down to earth Aussie
off-sider - assistant
postie -- mailman
ratbag - friendly term of abuse
ripper - good (also 'little ripper')
road-train - semi-trailer-trailer-trailer
schooner - large beer
sealed (road) - surfaced road
semi-trailer - articulated truck
shell be right -no worries
sheila - a woman
shoot through - leave in a hurry
shout - buy round of drinks (as 'It's your shout')
station very large farm
stubby - small bottle of beer
tinny - can of beer
too right! - absolutely!
true blue - dinkum
tucker - food
ute - utility, pickup truck
vegies - vegetables
walkabout - lengthy walk away from it all
whinge - complain, moan
yabby - small freshwater crayfish