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A Scoot North

Ok, I'm 56, nudging 57, and guess what, I have just got back onto two wheels after thirty odd years, don't think it needs any more explaining.
After many months of humming and hahing I settled on Maxisym 400i scooter. I purchased the scooter from Show & Go at Somerton Park in South Australia on the 7th July 2014.


I've had the bike three weeks. On the 25th I rode it back to Adelaide to have its first service. The bike rode very smoothly and I was extremely happy with its performance. I am now back home preparing to leave on the 28th July for a scoot north as I have a very good excuse, to see my daughter in Darwin.
I now have 2 days to get prepared. Of recent years I have spent a lot of time riding in SE Asia, but this will be the longest continuous haul I have done. I have the swag on the back and will camp on the way.


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!